The Challenge page of every unit plan is where it all begins. It's the beginning story and the launchpad for your learners to get into your unit. We'll show you what it's made up of and how to fill it in.

Begin With Your Essential Question

Every new learning adventure begins with your essential question. When you create a new plan, you'll already have your title, year/grade, and subjects chosen when you're brought to your new Challenge page. Next order of business is your EQ.

For brevity's sake, keep your essential question under 300 characters (roughly 1.5–2 lines of text). You'll need all the space below it to write out your awesome unit scenario, after all.

Write Your New Scenario

Once you've got that down, now you can start writing out your scenario in the space below it. This is where we present our learners with the challenge they must tackle.

When we Ninjas write our unit plans, we make use of a formula that works well for any scenario. The best way to write your scenario is by imagining you're addressing your students diectly.

It's a simple 3 steps you can't go wrong with:

  1. Write a captivating introduction
  2. Describe a relevant challenge for the learners
  3. Wrap it up and suggest a few starting points

This will prime your learners to get into the right headspace for moving forward with the lesson. They'll know what the unit is about, the general idea of what they'll be tasked with, and where they can begin.

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