On the Reflection page of the plan is a Fluency Matrix to indicate the level that each of the Fluencies is exercised by the lesson’s content. You can also add reflection notes on the lesson plan before, during, and after your students’ progress with it. This page is particularly useful if you are using the plan collaboratively as part of your PLC.

Using the Fluency Matrix

The measurability of how well each of the Fluencies is used in your unit is can help you. The Fluency Matrix is so easy to use—here’s how.

1. Click on a Fluency icon. A list of 10 Fluency grading statements appears with a slider above each one.

2. There are 6 “locked” positions for the slider along each line. They each feature a smiley-con which indicates the level of Fluency exercised by each activity, on a scale of 0–5.

3. Using your best judgment, estimate the level that applies to each question and move the slider into its appropriate position above the statement.

Important: Keep in mind the question is only a consideration of how a particular facet of each Fluency was used in your lesson’s content. You don’t need to be exact—follow your instincts and use your best judgment! It's a great way for you to reflect on how you can improve your plan.

Consulting the Fluency Matrix when you view any of the units is a great visual reference that will tell you how much of each fluency skill is being cultivated.

Reflection Notes

There are three areas for Reflection notes: PRE, During, and POST.

What are your thoughts about the progression of the lesson at each of these stages? These sections are for pretty much any notes pertaining to the lesson and to students’ progress and challenges. Simply add your notes under each heading—they’ll be automatically saved.

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