So you’ve got some custom resources to add to your plan? We can help. Let’s hop on over to the Resources page and we’ll show you how it’s done.

There are two categories of resources— Notes and Stuff. Here’s how to do both.

Adding Notes

Click on Add Notes ’n Stuff, and get ready to add notes—it’s so easy. Type in a title for your note, and the note’s content. Then when you’re done, click on Add This Note below it.

Adding Stuff

Adding stuff is easy, as well—let’s start with adding a website.

First, begin by adding the title on the Title bar, and then copy and paste the link below it. If you like, you can even add a quick description of the link to say what the website is all about.

When you’ve done all that, go below and click on Add This Stuff—you’ve just added a website link to your unit.

You can add a video as a resource as well as documents, images, and links. Click on each icon to bring up the appropriate window for what you want to add. The images and docs you can add right from your computer.

Deleting Stuff

Add a resource or note you want to remove? No worries—you can do that right on your list. Moving your cursor over the resource, a blue box with an X will appear to the right of it. All you do is click on that X, and follow the prompt to delete that resource.

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