If you find a unit plan you like from another user and you’d like to compose some variations on it, it’s super easy.

When you’re viewing the plan you like, go back up to the top right corner and click on the little three-line hamburger button. Next, click on Edit a Copy from the drop-down menu. After it asks you if you want to create a copy of the plan, click OK.

It will look like nothing happens, but something really cool has happened. If you go up to the top toolbar and click on your icon drop-down menu, you’ll see a tab that says My Plans. Click on it to see your newly-copied unit plan.

You can now work on it anytime you want and customize it for your class. It also appears on your Timeline’s history on your profile page; you can access it from the links that appears there as well.

Note: Because this is a copy of another person’s plan for you to use, it will never show in the Public Plans view. It is only your private copy. Don’t worry, though, because people you add as a co-author or who view your profile will still be able to see it.

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