So here you are, ready to begin hammering out your first unit plan on the Activity Planner. But where to begin? Relax—it's so easy you could do it in your sleep (and you might, at some point.) Here's how.

Setting Up

It all begins on your profile page. The window at the top of your activity timeline gives you three choices—create a new post, a new plan, or a new rubric

Pro tip: You can also create plans using the same procedure from your own My Plans page.

Click on "New Plan" to begin. Now you can add a snazzy title, choose the year level the unit is for, and the subject. Now just click on "Create."

Pro tip: You can add your own custom subjects besides what's in the drop-down menu. Here's how.

Filling in the Blanks

So the first thing you'll see is the main challenge page. You'll see what you've already added. This is also where you add your essential question, and write the scenario for your amazing new unit. 

We won't leave you hanging—follow these links to learn about essential questions and also writing scenarios.

What about all those other pages in the top toolbar? Below are links to instructions on how to work with every page:

  1. Curriculum—the place to put all your curricular objectives for the unit.
  2. Assessment—build your 4-stage rubrics here.
  3. Activities—the meat and potatoes of your unit plan; what students are doing, when, and how.
  4. Resources—upload links video, images, and docs to supplement your unit
  5. Reflection—notes and a cool Fluency Matrix to show how your kids are using the Fluencies in your unit.

Creating a New Unit From the Plans Page

You can also create a new plan when you are browsing you Plans Page. Just click the "New Plan" button on the right.

The top of the page will transform to allow you to create a new plan. So easy!

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