Whenever you build a new unit in the Solution Fluency Activity Planner, you are given a choice of Solution Fluency (for PBL), Information Fluency (for Inquiry), or blank. Each choice will give you a set of learning progressions to work with as a baseline. 

But are you limited to just this sequence? No way! This is how you can add and delete activities on the Activities page of any unit plan. It couldn’t be simpler.

Note: Activities can be anything you want them to be, such as a day's lesson inside a long unit plan, a specific phase of a learning journey, such as Define of Solution Fluency, or anything else you like.

Adding a New Activity

Below is a look at an average blank Activity page for a new unit plan. This one is using the Solution Fluency process. However, the procedures we’ll show you work for any plan you create with any progression, including your own custom plan.


Simply click on Add Activity to produce a new activity component for your plan. It auto-generates a blank activity template that you can then give your own title to. After that, it works like any other progression on the Activity page.

You can also shift the order of any of your activities by clicking either Move Up or Move Down. Each time you do it will shift the activity by one space in the activities list.

Deleting an Activity

This works from the exact same drop-down menu above. If you want to delete an activity simply click on Delete Activity using the icon in the activity you want to get rid of. You’ll get this message below, and then simply click OK.

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