The Print options of the Activity Planner allow you to not only print your plan but depending on your computer and configuration, to save and share PDF files. Here’s how you can access those options. (Note: This is a demo for print options using a Macbook Pro.)

Go to the plan you want to print—any page will do. In the top right corner of the Toolbar, click on the white hamburger button beside the Chatterbox quotes. The option to Print appears in the drop-down menu. Clicking on Print Plan brings up the Print window. From here, click on Print to print out your plan.

At the bottom left is another drop-down menu for PDFs. Click on this to access PDF options.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from here. The ones that are most sought after are these:

  • Save as PDF: This allows you to save a PDF copy of your full plan anywhere you like on your computer.
  • Mail PDF: This option lets you email a PDF copy of your plan to any contact you want—clicking on it brings up your mail program.
  • Save PDF to Evernote: This option saves a copy of your unit’s PDF file to your personal Evernote account.
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