Global Matters: New Feature!

We are proud to unveil our newest feature—Global Matters.

Global Matters are real world issues that are packaged and presented to encourage discussion, reflection, solution building and critical thinking. They can be used as simply (i.e. as fuel for an in-class discussion) or as extensively (i.e. the basis of an entire lesson plan) as you like.

Each Global Matter consists of the following elements:

  • Essential Question—Main question to explore (i.e. "How does stealing another's intellectual property damage the integrity of our entertainment industry?")
  • Context—Context, overview and examples of the issue in question
  • Discussion Questions—Questions to facilitate and provoke further discussion
  • Resources
  • Assessment Framework—A custom rubric you can use to assess engagement with this Global Matter, based on the Essential Fluencies
  • Assessment Debrief

If you are a Teacher Professional or School Plan user, Global Matters can also be shared publicly with students and colleagues or printed.

Global Matters can be found under the Search tab or Premium Tab at the top of the Planner.

Resources: New Feature!

Need a Solution Fluency Quickstart guide? Want a copy of our Bloom's Taxonomy poster? They will all be housed in our Resources section.

Free Resources are available to anyone and everyone. Our Premium Resources are available to our Teacher Professional and School Plan users.

Resources can be found under the Search tab or Resources tab in any of your navigations

Other Updates

Main Navigation (top of page): Features Expansion

A few new tabs have been added to your main navigation bar at the top of the page

  • Premium—This tab now has a sub-menu where you can access Premium Plans and Global Matters
  • Resources—This tab takes you straight to our Free and Premium Resources

Home Navigation: Reorganization and Features Expansion

Tabs on your Home Navigation have also been reorganized and expanded for easy access to your stuff.

  • My Stuff—All your plans, bookmarks, rubrics, and resources can now be found under the my stuff tab
  • Resources—This is a quick link to all our Free and Premium Resources
  • Premium—This tab now has a sub-menu where you can access Premium Plans and Global Matters

Unit Planner: Activities updates

New activities can now be added to plan, without that annoying page refresh/disappearing act. Thanks to Patti for bringing this to our attention!

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