On the far left blue navigation bar, below your profile icon, you’ll see the option for Competencies. The options you have are Skills/Strands/Focuses and All Competencies.

Clicking on Skills/Strands/Focuses takes you to a 3-sectioned overview containing tables for each one of these categories. Below is an example of what one of the section fields looks like.

Adding a new skill, strand, or focus is very easy and it’s the same procedure for all three. Simply click on the green Add New button on the top left. It provides you with a blank template for whatever section you’re in.

Now you simply add in the description into the blank field and press Save if you want to keep it, or Cancel if you want to start over. You can also Delete the new addition.

Adding new competencies works the same way, just with more fields to fill in. In the blue navigation bar, click on All Competencies. This takes you to a table that features an overview of all the competencies currently being used by your school. The puzzle piece symbol in the table header means that this competency has a rubric component attached to it.

If you click on Add New Competency it provides you with another blank template.

Now you add your text in the columns for description, skill, strand, and focus. As before, you can either choose to save, cancel, or delete your entry.

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