(If only actually managing your people was as easy as this.)

The School Administrator dashboard makes it super-easy to check out what great stuff your teachers are up to.  On the far left below your profile icon, you’ll see the option for People. The options you have are All People and New User.

Viewing/Editing Your People

Clicking on All People gives you a full list of all the teachers in your school who are on the planner.

Clicking on either a user’s first or last name will take you to their profile page. It contains all the essential information on their profile which you can navigate through. It gives you a feed of recent activity viewable by week, month, or year. You can also access their rubrics, unit plans, and plan collections.

You can edit any user’s profile information by clicking on  Edit. You can do this on either the main People page, or on the user’s profile page.

On the main People page, there is also a column called Plans, with a number listed in blue. It’s the number of unit plans that a user currently has. Clicking on it gives you a chart showcasing each unit. It also shows the user’s “Love It” list, with the plans that the user has liked and followed.

By clicking on the link to view a plan, you can see:

  • Title (direct link to plan)
  • Subject
  • Grade level
  • Number of views (the “green eye” icon)
  • Number of times plan has been “loved” (the “pink heart” icon)
  • Number of times plan has been commented on (the “blue quote” icon)

Adding a New User

Adding a new user to your list is also really easy. In the People drop-down menu, click on Add New User. It takes you to a page similar to when you first created your own profile.

From there, just fill out the person’s details, click on Create User, and the new person is added to your People list.

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