The administration Central Activity Feed gives you an overview of activity with all the unit planning adventures going on in your school. Here we’ll briefly discuss the School Activity Feed.

This display features a graph and table of school activity. It’s compared to the previous period and is viewable by week, month, or year. The green shaded portion of the graph is current period statistics, and the grey shaded portion indicates last period.

The School Activity Overview also measures the following:

  • logins
  • chatters (comments on plans or posts on people’s newsfeed)
  • planner-work (created or updated plans)
  • other (collections created, rubrics created, plans bookmarked, and people followed)

Mousing over any point on the lines will give you a quick pop-up readout of the activity for that point on the timeline. Information varies according to what view you are in (weekly, monthly, or yearly).

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