Let’s take a look at the features of the school administrator’s dashboard. We’ll also provide links to other articles explaining its features in more detail.

1. Main Section Navigation

Features include drop-down lists for managing and editing users in your school as well as adding new users. You can access and edit your own profile by clicking on your name link (appears below your profile picture). There is also navigation to your competencies section, a Fluencies coverage graph, and an overview of all your team’s unit plans.

2. School Activity Column

Displays graph and table with snapshot of school/user activity, compared to last period (viewable by week, month, or year). It features a coloured bar graph that lets you view the Fluencies coverage of the plans your team is working on. It also displays a donut graph, progress bars, and table with a snapshot of most active users’ activity.

3. Recent Activity Feed

This is a feed of the most recent activity for all users in your school. You can see what comments are being made, and when a user calls one of our Ninjas for coaching. It also allows you to link directly to each user’s profile and the unit plans they are currently working on.

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