The administration Central Activity Feed gives you an overview of activity with all the unit planning adventures going on in your school. Here we’ll briefly discuss the User Activity Feed.

This displays a donut graph, progress bars, and a table with a snapshot of the most active users’ activity. Like the other feeds, it is also viewable by week, month, or year.

The  donut graph measures your top 5 active users’ total activity in the school, compared to the rest of the school. The light grey wedge represents all other users who are not top 5.

Hovering your cursor over each coloured wedge shows you the name of the person it represents, and the total number of actions they have made with the planner for the time period you’re in.

The green progress bars beside the doughnut graph measure the top 5 active users’ activity compared to the rest of the school. This is broken down by activity type (login, chatter, planner-work, other). If the green line is long, that means most of the activity of that type was done by the top 5 most active users in the school.

The user table shows your top 10 most active users, broken down by activity type. Clicking on any user’s name will link you to their profile on your People pages.

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