Part of the premium content we've made available to users on a Teacher Pro or School account are what we call Global Matters. These are super-quick teachable moments which are based on actual news from around the world. 

Global Matters are designed to give you a way to teach Global Digital Citizenship with short engaging discussion-based lessons. We create new ones every week or so. Keep checking back for new content as it's posted.

Accessing Global Matters

On your Teacher Pro account, you can get to the list of Global Matters by clicking on the premium drop-down menu at the top of the Planner.

Our first Global Matter is free as a demo to all users. The other ones can be accessed by updating to a Teacher Pro account.

Each one of the Global Matters has these features:

  1. A scenario to open discussion
  2. Discussion questions
  3. Resource links
  4. A fluency-based assessment framework
  5. A few short debrief questions
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