Every unit plan you create (and "love") in the Activity Planner is magically transported to a page on your profile called My Plans. This is the record of all your hard work—think of it as a trophy case of awesome learning adventures.

We're going to explore it below and show you how it works.

Accessing the My Plans Page

As with the My Rubrics page, there are two places you can access it: from your timeline toolbar, and from the drop-down menu beside your nav icon.

On your profile page, you'll see this view. The toolbar features a Plans tab and clicking it gives you a drop-down menu where you can access the My Plans page.

You can also try your nav icon in the top right corner of the page. It also features a drop-down where you can access My Plans.

Managing My Plans

Now that you're on your My Plans page, let's take a tour. This is where you'll see all the plans you've created.

Just click on any plan to view it. You can also edit your own plans on this page, plus create a new plan by clicking on the New Plan button on the right-hand side.

Accessing your favorited plans (or "loved" as we like to say) is also simple. In the drop-down menus we discussed above, you'll see another option which is heart plans. Clicking on this takes you to a separate page where all your favorited or loved plans live. View any one of them by clicking on it.

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