School Level users have access to a special page scoped to your school and there is real value in this school portal. Many of our schools have completely eliminated internal email and long faculty meetings with this. (Does anyone really want one of those emails CC'd to a dozen people and the endless Reply-All strings that follow them?)

Sometimes pictures are better than words, here's a video walkthrough to get you acquainted with this great feature of the School Plan. If your school is not on this plan, drop us a message and we'll be happy to get you going!

If you belong to a school plan you will find the My School link on your homepage.

This will take you to the School dashboard which you see below.

School Homepage

There are three main areas on the School Page:

  1. School Posting Box - This posting box is the same as the one you find on your Homepage and when posting on another user's page. With the School Posting Box, however, the message is sent to each member of the school as well as appearing in the school timeline. This is a great way to eliminate email from your school workflow because here you can share docs, messages, videos, and photos!
  2. School Activity Timeline - Similar to how the timeline on your Homepage shows all the activity of the people you follow, all activity in a school appears here. You don't need to follow other members of your school to see their activity as it will all appear on this page.
  3. People, Plans, Rubrics - On the main search page, you are able to find all the people, plans, and rubrics in the whole universe. Well, the ones that are on our planner anyways, which can be overwhelming! These links take you to just the ones from your school. Each page has a search bar that will search through the content of your school. The People page is shown below as an example. 

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