There’s a whole new way to search and locate plans on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. It’s called the Search page. 

The Recent Tab

The Recent tab introduces you to the latest additions to our planner family. Check out what they’re up to and have a look at some of the amazing lessons being created every day in our community. You can see this by perusing the most recent additions to each section such as the Newest People, Freshest Plans, Recent Rubrics, etc..

The People Tab

The People tag is where you find someone you’re looking for by name. Simply type in the person’s name and click on Find It.

The Plans Tab

The Plans tab is where you search for specific unit plans by title, grade, or subject. You can either type the unit’s name or use a keyword to find plans. You can also narrow down your search by clicking on More Options.

This presents you with options to search for unit plans under a specific subject and grade level.

The Choose Subject bar and Choose Year bar each have drop-down menus loaded with options for you to enter your search criteria.

Cool Tip: Consider looking at multiple year levels or not searching for specific year levels at all. Most plans are easily adapted to multiple year levels and subject areas.

The Rubrics Tab

In the Rubrics tab you can explore assessment rubrics constructed by Activity Planner users. You can view and “love” rubrics to add to your My Stuff page for reference, and for building your own.

Searching Premium Plans

When searching, you have the option of limiting your results to only premium plans by checking the box.

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