The timeline on your profile page is a very useful tool. It's how you stay informed and connected with the personal network you build on the Activity Planner. We'll take a closer look below.

Viewing Your Timeline

The timeline feed is directly below your post box. In it, you can view lots of info including:

—when you or someone in your Follow network has created or worked on a plan
—when someone has sent you a message
—when you respond to a comment
—when there is a new follow in your network

You'll notice there are a number of icons that stand out colorfully along the side of timeline events. Here's what they each stand for:

  1. Paper plane: Indicates anything to do with creating or working on unit plans.
  2. Quotation marks: Links to the Chatterbox and shows what comments are happening on units. 
  3. Heart: Lets you know when someone has "loved" a plan or rubric.
  4. Megaphone: Indicates a direct message from another user.
  5. Leaf: Indicates when someone has been followed.

Navigating Your Timeline

If you look closely at the timeline, you'll see a lot of blue links. These are designed to make navigating through the Planner a breeze. 

If you've followed someone or they've followed you, clicking on the link to that person's name will take you to their profile page. Likewise, clicking on the link to a unit plan will take you to that particular plan.

Responding to comments is easy too. In any comment window (indicated by the orange megaphone), click on the Reply link in the bottom-right corner of the window. Next, type in your reply and click on the blue check mark.

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