The Solution Fluency Activity Planner offers thousands of awesome unit plans and rubrics created by teachers all over the world. You can “love” the ones you like and keep them handy for your own use. Here’s how.

Loving Plans

The Search page gives you a rundown of all the plans currently available for loving on the Activity Planner.

The heart icon in the lower right corner of each plan shows you how many times a plan has been favorited or “loved.” To favorite one of your own, simply hover over it with your cursor. The plan's window will darken and you’ll see two options—View It and Love It. You want to click on Love It to love the plan.

When you do that the heart icon will turn pink and indicate that you have favorited that particular plan.

Now when you access your Loved Plans page from either your profile page or the top toolbar, that favorited plan will appear for you to use.

Loving Rubrics

Loving a rubric works the same way. From the Search page, you can look at all the rubrics on the planner and do some exploring for ones you like.

Whichever one you like you can click on and hover over it to get the same options for viewing and loving that you have for a unit plan.

Sharing the Love

Loving plans and rubrics allows you to do a few different things. First, you’re able to access your Loved Plans and Rubrics pages from the drop-down menus near your icon and in the toolbar on your profile page.

Next, any plan or rubric that you’ve loved you can create a copy of to edit and revise according to your own needs and tastes. Clicking on the vertical lines icon in the top right corner allows you to either Edit a Copy of a plan or Create a Copy of a rubric.

Those copies then appear on your plans and rubric pages respectively, but not your Loved Plans and Rubrics pages. From there, you can edit them any way you like.

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