Text in a unit plan is necessary, but it's good to break it up once in a while with a relevant video or image to pique interest. We've made it super-easy to do.

Adding Images and Video to Your Plans

You can do this on the Challenge page of any of your units. In order to embed an image or video, just start a new line by hitting Enter/Return. When you do that, you'll see a blue circular plus sign appear to the left.

Now if you click on it, two icons will appear beside it—one for Image and one for Video.

Clicking on the camera lets you upload an image directly into the Challenge page from anywhere on your computer. It embeds automatically, and you can center it and add a custom link to it if you wish.

Clicking on the video play button will prompt you to paste in the URL for any YouTube video of your choice. Once done, all you do is hit Enter/Return, and the video embeds on the page automatically.

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